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I want to foster

***Before applying to foster and/or offering to take in a foster dog, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING:

  • Confirm you are allowed to have dogs at your residence –   Check with your neighborhood association or condo/apartment complex and obtain permission to foster a dog regardless of time frame.  Some associations are very strict about pets and require fees and/or may have breed restrictions.  Please help us by making sure the dog you are offering to help is allowed and welcome before the dog is actually in your home.
  • Obtain permission / approval from ALL members of the household –  including roommates, parents, and spouses!!!  Just because they said “okay” a few weeks ago, doesn’t mean it’s okay right now.  Please ask everyone in the home and ensure it’s a good time to bring in a foster dog, before offering to help.  It’s not always an easy transition bringing a shelter dog into a home or moving a dog from one home to another.  It takes some time for them to adjust to new environments and all members in the household must be wiling to accept this.
  • Ensure all dogs in the home are up to date on all vaccinations – including: Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza) and on flea preventative.
  • The safety of you, your pets and the foster dog is very important to us!!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS before bringing the dog into your home!!!!   Pack introductions:

 Application / Fostering Process  (may vary case by case):

1) Please review the Frequently Asked Questions tab so you better understand the program

2) Complete the Foster application below.  Please make sure all fields are filled in.  You will see “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks” at the bottom of the form once it was successfully submitted.

3) Once your foster application has been submitted, you may comment on the picture of the dog posted on our Facebook Page and/or send us an email at  (Email is the quickest way to reach us).  Once we determine that the dog and foster home is a good fit, we will then coordinate a plan via email. Situations vary by day, depending on where the dog is, transport help and your availability. We rely heavily on email communication, so please be prepared to check emails while plans are made and during the time you are fostering.

4) Once you have the dog:  We will link you up with the dog’s rescue group who is sponsoring him. In most foster cases, the dog will need to be spayed/neutered while in your foster care.  Dog Days of Charlotte (aka Foster Charlotte) and the rescue group will help coordinate the vet appoint based on your schedule and availability. It is extremely helpful to us if you are able to arrange to drop of and pick up for these appointments.  If you are unable, we can find volunteers to help.  You will kept up to date on transport details (if the dog is going to an out of state rescue) and adoption events being help (if the dog you have belongs to a local rescue).  Each situation is different and may require things that other foster placements may not.

**Please Remember, we are all volunteers and have full times jobs.  We have to work together to accommodate everyone’s (including the dog’s) needs, as well as everyone’s schedules and availability!**

Fostering is a critical stepping stone for shelter dogs.  It provides a temporary save haven for a dog that was once set to be euthanized and gives them a second chance at a deserving life.   THANK YOU FOR SIGNING UP TO FOSTER A DOG!!!


By applying to become a foster – you agree that you have read all of the above and understand the following:   “While the animal is living with a foster family, it will remain the property of the rescue group in which it was pulled under. Therefore, all final decisions regarding the welfare of the animal will be the responsibility of this rescue.  By submitting an application for consideration, you agree to abide by the policies and procedures of the rescue group and Dog Days of Charlotte.”

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Phone Number (required)

Your Address - Street, City, State, Zip (required)

Your Age:

List Names and ages of other people in household and their relationship (i.e Roomate, spouse, partner, parents, etc)

Does every person in the household approve a foster dog being in the home? (required)
 yes no

Ages of children in home (required)

Are you a first time foster?
If no, what organization or rescue group have you fostered for and when?

Name/description of dog you are applying to Foster

(see our Facebook page "Foster for Dog Days of Charlotte" for dogs in need)

If you are not applying to foster a particular dog, what type of dog would you prefer to foster?
 no preference male female small large puppy adult

Your Pets:

How many dogs do you have?
 0 1 2 3 or more

Names and ages of your dogs?

Are they all up to date on vaccinations? (including Rabies, Bordatella, and DHLPP)
**It is the responsibility of the foster parent to ensure their own pets are up to date on all vaccinations and on flea preventative before bringing foster dog into their home.
 yes no

Are they all spayed/neutered?

If not spayed/neutured, please explain why

What other types of pets(Cats, birds, etc) are in the home?

Current vet (Name and Phone)

Type of housing:
 house with a fence house without a fence apartment/condo

Do you own or rent?:
 Own Rent

If Rent, please provide Landlord/ Management Company Name and Phone number:

What (if any) dog breed / weight restrictions does your neighborhood/complex enforce?
(Please obtain approval to have a dog in your home before committing to foster)

How long would the dog be alone during the day (Crating foster dog is required):

Would you be able to keep the foster dog separated from your own pets if needed? (i.e. Crate/Rotate, keep crated in another room)
 yes no

When are you available to start fostering?

Supplies needed:
 crate (if available) food collar/leash

Please provide details of your own pets (Names, male/female, age, are they playful/skittish, dominant/submissive, etc) so we can better assess if the dog(s) needing foster home is a good fit for your home and own pets. Please add any other stipulations you may have for fostering.

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